Budapest, szeptember 8-11.

VII. FERPA kongresszus

Az Európai Szakszervezeti Szövetség (ETUC) nyugdíjasokat képviselő rétegszervezete, a Nyugdíjas és Idős Emberek Európai Szövetsége (FERPA) Budapesten tartja meg VII. Kongresszusát 2015. szeptember 8-11. között a Benczúr Szállodában.  
A mintegy 10 milliós tagsággal rendelkező szervezet kongresszusára Európa minden részéről érkeznek a küldöttek a magyar fővárosba. Magyarországról a vendéglátókat a MASZSZ Nyugdíjas Tagozata és a SZEF Nyugdíjas Választmánya képviseli.
A megnyitón Bruno COSTANTINI, FERPA elnök beszédét követően köszöntőt mondanak:
- Novák Katalin, család- és ifjúságügyért felelős államtitkár
- Bagdy Gábor, főpolgármester-helyettes
- Földiák András, Szakszervezetek Együttműködési Fóruma elnök
- Kordás László, Magyar Szakszervezeti Szövetség elnök

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Sándor Nagy, founding president of MSZOSZ passed away today, following a short, serious illness at the age of 69.

Between 1990-1995 as the first president of the National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ) he was a main mover of reforming the trade union movement – his person often identified as “the unionist”. He was a man of courage, always standing firm and fighting for collective interest defence in the trade union world and in the politics. By words and deeds he worked for the working people both at national and international level. Sándor Nagy was a recognised actor in the European trade union movement.

His personality and work remains exemplary. The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation will preserve his ethos and values.


Budapest, 24. 08. 2015


Fight for men’s 40!

MASZSZ, the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation supports the collection of signatures for a referendum on entitling men to retire after 40 years of service. This right has been open for women since 2012.

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Hungarian Government must stop criminalisation of migrants, says ETUC

Hungarian Government must stop criminalisation of migrants, says ETUC

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is extremely worried by the so-called ‘national consultation about immigration and terrorism’ recently launched by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The letter launching the consultation and the attached questionnaire is a perverse attempt to criminalise migrants and fuel populism by making a clear and direct connection between migration and terrorism. Wrong assumptions can only lead to bad policies and are surely not in the interests of Hungarian citizens.

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International Workers’ Memorial Day

On April 28, European trade unions commemorated International Workers’ Memorial Day – remembering the 150,000 people who have died in the EU from occupational cancers since the European Commission suspended work on legislation protecting workers from chemicals that cause cancer.

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László Kordás, President of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

kordaslaszloBorn in Budapest on 28. November 1969, joined the Metallworkers Trade Union at the age of 14, as apprentice at the IKARUS bus factory. He finished as car body fitter-welder.
During the first years of transition, being confronted by the need for meaningful interest defence, and critical to the trade union work, decided to be active. He first was elected as trade union youth representative in the company, then in 1994 vice president of the Metallworkers Youth Committee.

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Tamás Székely, vice-president

szekelytamasTamás Székely, was born in Budapest, on 13. 09. 1970. First he graduated from the Budapest University of Applied Sciences, Kandó Kálmán Faculty in automatics and market management (1993) and later from the Corvinus University of Budapest, as economist, acquiring qualification in management and organisation (1998). He also attended the Trade Union Sozialakademie of Dortmund, studying Crisis management, project management.

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APRIL 28, HUNGARY - BUDAPEST            


April 27 evening 19.30   Function and laying of wreath at the „April 28 Trade union Memorial” commemorating victim workers of workplace accidents an health damage. The memoria, erected by MSZOSZ is the traditional meeting place of unionists, safety reps and actors of OSH community.

April 28, 16.00   Flashmob / rally by the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MaSZSZ), and its youth sections raising public awareness of the worsening trends in workplace safety and health in Hungary. In 2014 there was 14.2% increase -around 20.000- of serious, and 4% increase – 69- fatal workplace accidents! All this resulted in much pain, human suffering, not only for our colleagues and families, while the government have decapacitated the inspection and prevention authority.

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation calls for effective measures of prevention and adherence to the workplace safety and health regulations, and to the reinstating of the health and safety authority!

1st Congress of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

Programme and election of leadership
klsztOn February 27. the 1st Congress continued its work, by listening and adopting the activity report covering the period since the founding congress (December 6. 2013), adopting the decisions of the Autonomous Trade Union Confederation (ASZSZ), and the National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ) to merge into it with legal succession. The congress also discussed and adopted the amended MaSZSZ Statutes. The delegates adopted the 2015-2019 Programme of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation and elected the new office bearers of the confederation. The congress delegates expressed thanks and recognition to the outgoing president Péter Pataky and the outgoing vice-president László Varga for their outstanding work throughout the merger process.Programme and election of leadership

László Kordás was elected president and Tamás Székely vice-president of MaSZSZ.

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ASZSZ and MSZOSZ decided to merge into new confederation

Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ)
Together and stronger

Tmszoszhe National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ) and the Autonomous Trade Unions (ASZSZ) decided today to merge with legal succession into the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MaSZSZ). The delegates of MSZOSZ and ASZSZ made this decision in their separate congresses. Taszszhe merger process into the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ) is to be concluded on February 27-28 in its Congress, where the new leadership will also be elected.