World Day for Decent work

wddw07. OCTOBER. 2014.
World Day for Decent work

Freezing of wages? Termination of early pensions? WE DO NOT LET IT !!!

Demonstration on October 7 at 16.00 in front of the Ministry of National Economy, Budapest V. József Nádor tér.

Minimum wages fall significantly under the existence minimum. The longstanding system of early pension was terminated in 2013 - negatively effecting tens of thousands of workers who have been working in hazardous conditions.

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MaSZSZ)demonstartion in the frame of the WDDW intend to direct the attention of policymakers,legislators to these very burning problems, calling for DECENT WAGES, DECENT WORK for DECENT LIVING.

Parallel to this action, the Hungarian TUC initiate a nationwide collection of signatures to rescue the early pension system.